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    Pinky toes suck, and are abit useless. One day we will only have 2 toes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13ringinheat
    Its from hitting roundhouse kicks. I think my pinky toe area sticks out a lil bit when i hit the bag and takes some of the impact. I have been taping it up and that helps a lil just wondering if anyone else had this problem.

    I am hitting the bag with my shin.

    Yes tai chi is next and then i will take the real deadly TKD.
    I'm having a hard time undertanding your anatomy. Unless you are flexing your feet like a tard or your pinkie toe resembles an Aye-Aye's big toe, I don't see how you can constantly be hitting your pinkie toe when roundhouse kicking the bag with your shin. I could see you banging the instep or the ankle, but not the toes... that is, unless you are actually kicking with your instep rather than with the shin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 13ringinheat
    My pinky toe hurts while hitting the heavy bag. It didnt before but suddenly it started hurting. I rested for two weeks but the pain hast gone away. I dont think its broken since i can walk, train and wiggle it. I am just wondering if my kicking technique is to blame or is there something wrong with my toe.

    People can usually walk around and wiggle the smaller toes pretty well even if they are broken. It just hurts.

    Go to a doctor and get an X-ray to make sure it is not broken or healing misaligned.
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    THanks for the help guys i think i will go to the doctor as a precaution. This thing hasnt stopped me from training i still tape up my toe and go every day. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced something similar before.

    I hit the bag with my shin but occasionally i might miss time my kick and end up hitting the instep in which i feel the impact on my pinky toe as well. Its not a common occurence but bothersome whenever it happens nevertheless.

    I like the two toe idea by jasonblade :) would make my life much easier.

    The thing is i keep my foot as str8 as i can but i notice that the pinky toe area sticks out more than the others and that could be the reason i feel the impact when i occasionally hit the instep on the bag. Might be noob technique or something i dont know which is why i asked the gurus here.

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    Eventually, after taking enough abuse in randori, toes just stay broken.

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    Even though you've already sustained the injury, might I recommend taping your toes so you don't further aggravate your injury. Even after it heals I would still tape them up (and maybe any other small joints that give you problems).

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