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I was wondering if you guys think i should should just quit and break away from him (something that would be quite difficult for me as he is like a father to me). Or if i should speak up, and confront him about it (which may piss him off and cause him to "disown" me
This situation is sadly not uncommon. I may be staring in the face of a very very similar situation myself.

I suggest you do discuss it with him. But do it in private and diplomatically. Explain your concerns specifically.

And try to frame it in such a way that the concern about the progress of the students in terms of ability is the concern with the new approach, not him personally.

In my situation thats how I did it and it seems to have worked. Some of my concerns have been rectified and in the case of the others the reason and 'behind the scenes' context has been explained. Whereas I do not agree with everything that is happening, I am sufficiently satisfied that on the whole there have been changes for the good as well as the bad.
But then again, my situation is not quite to the same extreme as yours seems to be.