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Number 2) In terms of the extra point you would have to make a judgement call in terms of the extra point. In the scenerio above I probably wouldn't give the count unless the person knocked down looked visibily winded. I would deem it a fall though as they were only on one leg at the time and balancing there; hence the warning rather than the bonus point. Really have to be careful awarding the extra point . . . make sure it is warranted and isn't simply a fall rather than a knockdown.
I agree with you, and things usually come down to a judgment call in most cases. USAT (and I would assume WTF) defines a knockdown as "any part of a competitors body that touches the mat, other then the soles of their feet". It goes on to say that in the case of a knockdown a 10 count must be given, therefore in the case of a legally executed attack an extra point should be awarded. In practice I am sure things would be different, but that is what was taught at the seminar.

Not to say that the seminar was bogus, they started something new, the seminar was held concurrently with a local tournament so that we could get on the floor and experience the real thing. Rather then talk about it for 8 hours.

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I quit officiating to keep pursuing competition but I like to think because of my experience officiating it helped me develop a better game and a little more patience with officials just starting out.
The USAT rep teaching the course suggested that all of us experience all 3 (competing, refing, and coaching), because the combined experience made you better at all 3.