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    K-1 World Max '08 Final 16 fights/results

    Anyone else catch it? Results posted below so beware of Spoilers

    (results from
    http://mmamanjapan.blogspot.com/ )

    World Championship Tournament FINAL 16 : K-1 Rules / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R
    Masato Def. Virgil Kalakoda by KO Round 0:22
    Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Albert Kraus by decision after extention
    Artur Kyshenko vs. Jordan Tai by decision after extention
    Andy Souwer Def. Mike Zambidis by KO, ext. round 2:05
    Yoshihiro Sato Def. Murat Direcki by decision 3-0
    Warren Stevelmans Def. Saro “The Sicilian Don” Presti by KO Round 2 1:06
    Yasuhiro Kido Def. Chi Bin Lim by KO Round 1 0:40
    Drago Def. GORI by KO Round 3 2:56

    K-1 World Youth fight:
    HIROYA Def. Tsukasa Fuji by decision 3-0

    Opening fights:
    Yuya Yamamoto Def. Marfio “The Warrior Tiger” Canoletti by decision 3-0
    Shota Takiya Def. Vitalij Lisnyak by decision 2-1
    .................................................. ..

    I watched the fights at a local restraunt. I must confess that I wasn't familiar with a lot of the fighters, but they were some pretty damn good fights. From the first that I caught (Yasuhiro Kido landing an early knee to the face to Chi Ban Lim, resulting in a KO) to the long battle between Pramuk and Albert Kraus, to the boxing vs kickboxing fight.

    Masato was set against the south African boxer Virgil Kalakoda(Former IBC 79kg World Champion, IBF Middleweight Champion) and for now is a small fix until the big boxing vs MMA matchup comes, if ever. Intrestingly, Masato (who mentioned before the fight that he wanted to win with punching) reached his goal with a nice KO.

    Finally, the last fight that stood out in my mind was the special youth bout between a 16 and 15 year old, both supposed up and comers. The 15 year old was kind of a twat from what I gathered from his bragging about how he wouldn't lose from the clips they played, so I was happy to see the 16year old out strike him.

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    Hiroya is definitely going to be great someday.

    "The Sicilian Don" is a great nickname.

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    Masato is amazing to watch. While once I enjoyed watching Buakaw knee him till he pissed blood (literally), his boxing has risen to really great levels.

    Buakaw fought a damn close fight with Kraus, I hope he busts his ass and comes back dominant like he was in 2006.

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    Saw the Buakaw/Kraus fight - It was a close one.

    Kraus took the first, Buakaw took the second and the rest was too close to call, hence the 4th round. In the end though it was Buakaw's kicks (he threw about 15 in the first minute of the overtime round) that won the day over Kraus's superior boxing.

    Looking forward to checking out Masato fight. As much as I love watching Buakaw's powerful kicks, Masato's technicality blows my mind every time.

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    It's a shame Zambidis lost.


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