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Thread: Heavy Bag Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryno
    Am I the only one who likes my heavy bags hard as rocks? They make sure you're always making a proper fist. I also like that they give me great tactile information about exactly how my strikes are landing.
    you want to have some give on the bag so you can "dig in" those punches. if the bag doesn't even have a miniscule indent/deformation after even a fully loaded left hook, then maybe it's a bit too hard (or maybe one just does not punch hard enough).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kagan
    Restuffing a bag shouldn't change its weight. Doing so should only change the distribution of its contents.
    I sse your point and what I meant to say was that I was considering re-stuffing my bag and replacing the original content of the bag with something softer. I took a look inside of the bag I had and I realized that it would be a messy, time consuming, maybe not altogether worth while venture to take out the original filling and then put it back in. So I did what any man would do, I got a bunch of towels and duct tape.

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    I had a similar problem with my everlast bag from dick's. Mine had an extreme hard spot right in the middle of the bag where most of my regular hooks would land.
    So instead I re-stuffed it and noticed all the bags of sand settled right in the middle, so I created a make-shift pillar of sand in the middle of the bag and tried to stuff the fabric all around the sand as tightly as I could.
    Couldn't fit all the bags of sand back in, but I figured I would trade some weight stability for the ability to not shatter my wrist every time i wanted to unload on the bag. Hopefully that might help you out.

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    Please allow me to butt in a little: I wanted to ask a specific question but think that it may not be necessary to start a new thread - it has to do with bag work:

    I hit heavy bags now and then, especially after my krotty class (with 16 oz gloves on and wrappings)

    I remember from the movie "Million Dollar Babies" the character potrayed by Clint Eastwood told the lead actress to hit the bag as it is moving a way from her.

    However, my krotty instructor told me to hit the bag as it is coming towards me.... for maximum effect/impact. He said, if the bag is already moving away, my hits will not hurt a fly.

    To me: I prefer the moving away strategy as I think it is less damaging to my wrist. What do you guys think, which is the correct way?

    It seems my instructor's strategy is to cause maximum hurt with the one punch. Whereas I am thinking of causing many little hurts to wear down an opponent.


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