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    Quote Originally Posted by KayRoc
    I would like to see Fedor in the UFC, but it would make me sad if he got his little Russian ass handed to him. I think he would be a great matchup for RANDYTEHNATURAL1!!(Not a big Randy fan here) I honestly think Fedor would come out on top via submission.

    Anyway, I think Liddel makes an intersting point with a few things. He is very right it that Fedor could not take Randy down (Olympic caliber wrestlers are kinda hard to take down) and Randy would very easily control the clinch with his uber awesome Greco skills. When you consider striking, people always underestimate Randy's striking. Who remembers him teaching Belfort how to box? Or use boxing to close the distance and soften up Liddell? Or knock the **** out of Sylvia for five rounds? Fedor would have little chance against someone who can force the fight to stay standing and then dominate the course of the stand-up action and if losing there force the clinch and dominate there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geordi LaForge
    Yeah, Tim's arm raised in victory!
    I was searching for Tim Sylvia highlight clips on youtube and dailymotion the other day. See, I wanted to refresh my memory on exactly what kind of fighter he was, but I didn't want to sit through his full bouts... because he's boring as ****.

    I couldn't find any.

    Not one.

    There isn't enough interesting footage of Tim Sylvia to make a clip a couple of minutes long. Have a good long think about that folks.


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