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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrett
    I don't understand why anyone would legitimately hate Joe Rogan. Yeah, he repeats similar phrases a lot, but so does every other commentator. I owe him for getting me interested in jiu jitsu. It really used to impress me how could predict what a fighter was about to do on the ground, and then they'd magically do it.

    Now I understand what's going on w/o being told by Rogan, but I'm sure he's helping other people that are new to MMA.

    OTOH, I hate Goldberg. Who made a rule that a good commentator always has to be paired w/ a shitty one? Why can't we just have Rogan and Bas (or whoever) together? It must be a law that for every ex-athlete who commentates, some random communications major has to sit next to them and make an ass of himself.
    Yah GOldberg SUCKS so bad. Rogan knows his moves and a fighters strenghts and weakness. Goldturd just thinks whoever is on stage is the greatest (insert whatever) ever to grace the cage. And he is the MASTER of stating the obvious.

    At my house we have a rule, whenver Goldburgs says a "Goldburgism" we all take a shot. Needless to say no one leaves sober.

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    I thought KenFlo was a thousand times better than Rogan.

    His descritpion of passing strategy was excellent and he would highlight submission attempts while they were being set-up while Rogan always seemed to wait until they were almost on before saying anything unless it invovled throwing a leg behind the head and he'd cry "RUBBER GUARD, ZOMBIE LOCK DOWN!" That and his assertion that attacking the turtle or having side ride equals having their back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lars
    How can anyone complain about Rogan when he's sitting right next to that fucking Goldberg: Talking about fighting is your job! Know something! Anything! Please...
    Also, that guy Frank Mir is paired with.
    Also, Bas Rutten is overrated. All commenting should be done by Frank Mir and Joe Rogan, until they can find someone who sucks less.
    Please do not speak ill of the Rutten!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShrekBJJ
    I thought KenFlo was a thousand times better than Rogan.
    the Mini-rogan wanna-be? A 'color' commentator that barely talks? Pass. Mir @ WEC is vastly superior, and he's not great at it. But when he towers over the 145er's I lol.

    Couture would be awesome paired with Rogan/Rutten, shame we won't see it.
    You can't make people smarter. You can expose them to information, but your responsibility stops there.

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