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    I don't disagree with the fact that smaller gloves definitely have a value in training, I'm just saying that the solution to "I can't win with bigger gloves" is not "buy smaller gloves"

    Personally, one of my favorite drills was to mix up the gloves being used, have 1 guy with 6oz gloves, one guy with 16oz gloves, and then switch off. Get to focus on different things.
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    I don't like the twins gloves. Still a big fan of the Combat Sports ones. Unless, of course, they changed it again since the last time I bought the twins MMA gloves. And no they hit more like 12oz gloves.

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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Since I'm not even THINKING of going into MMA any time soon, I'll just stick to the 16 oz. gloves, keep working on my boxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickeroon1987
    Well, my friends and I have been sparring with headgear and 16 oz. gloves and it's great. We can hit each other full force without breaking each other's noses or giving each other big nasty facial bruises.

    But the problem is, the 16 oz. gloves are so big, it makes it really hard for me to punch these guys in the face! All they have to do is shell up, and I have a hard time getting through. Or when we're punching at the same time, they can easily just stuff my punches by sticking their hands out.

    I've been thinking about getting gloves like these:

    It says their as good as 16 oz. gloves, but I don't want to get my face broken, since my friend can hit pretty hard and outweighs me by about 20 pounds.

    Is it possible to go all out with gloves like this? or does one have to hold back?

    Thanks, sorry if this is a newb question.
    If its sparring with your friends STICK with the 16oz gloves, it would suck to pay for his hospital bills. At alot of PRO boxing gyms they stop they sparring matches if your sparring with anything less than 16, 14oz are allowed to but are less common - more for the lighter weights.

    The 16oz gloves also have the additional bonus of the added conditioning. As a MA's your hands are you're tools and using such light padding could jack up your hands. You can spar with such gloves but keep it light and technical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega the Merciless
    I don't like the twins gloves. Still a big fan of the Combat Sports ones. Unless, of course, they changed it again since the last time I bought the twins MMA gloves. And no they hit more like 12oz gloves.
    yeah have to agree that the twins "shooto" gloves are crap. they are well made like all twins products, but are poorly designed compared to the ouano shooto gloves or the combat sports ones.

    the pair that i bought in thailand ended up in the loaner bin.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I was also wondering about sparring with grappling gloves.

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    I went old school on Friday and broke out the old Kempo gloves. I got a lot of sideways looks from the younger guys (do we have a generation now that didn't see Enter the Dragon). I might even keep those bad boys in the rotation tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ray jackson
    That's a good point, but you have to consider that using smaller gloves teaches you better defense. When using smaller 7oz MMA gloves, you have to rely a lot more on blocking and head movement as opposed to simply covering up.
    I don't know the OP's training in regards to boxing or MT but I would say that no coach ever teaches you to just shell up behind gloves. At least, no competent coach. Although I'm sure defensive tactics might change a little bit with 7 oz gloves it probably won't be that drastic. Or if it is, you might be getting sub par instruction.

    Also, like everyone else said, if your friend is shelling up behind gloves, work the body, use angles, double hooks etc.

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    Me and my crew train with gloves like these and we go about 95% with them.

    But thats not a all the time thing. About once every 2 months or months and a half we get together rub a bit of vaseline on and go that hard with those gloves, and some times we do 4once MMA gloves. I wouldnt do it all the time. I would suggest switching it up between 4 ounce, the practice MMA gloves , and boxing ( or thai boxing) gloves.

    I would suggest good Thai gloves for protection so you can grab in them (I would say in you could grab vary good sanda gloves as well) but ive never had on a pair.

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    From what you've typed,

    1. Sparring shouldn't be full force
    2. Your hits are weak
    3. You should be aiming other places on the body instead of just the face
    4. Even at 16 oz, the gloves will build your punches due to its weight
    5. It is indeed easier to block and parry with 16oz gloves due to its size. So if you want to raise the game, get the small padded fingerless gloves everyone else suggested.

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