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    Japanese pro MMA...what???

    Could anyone please explain the current situation in the Japanese mma scene? Mind, before you start-

    0H No3s! Pr1de R d3adzors lolz! (might as well post it before someone else)

    So is there any large org outside of K-1 anymore? Apparently M-1 just bit the dust, and DREAM has had a sketchy start...will it be gone soon too? While mma has recently become a mainstream thing in the states, in Asia it has been widely accepted for a while (repeating old facts, I know). Fads come and go fast in Japan, but outside of the idiotic promotion problems MAs are still huge out here. So why can't anyone tap that market? Even boxing fights get pretty played up- why the hell can't mma get on its feet?

    I don't belive Japan will be the king of MMA anymore- and to be honest I don't want that. Competition is good. Likewise for the same reason I'd like to see a large scale org outside of the control of Dana White. At least some North American groups are starting to pop up, but I'd still like to see the unique style that Japanese promotions have. Any news on if something else will come up again? Or have shady deals and politics killed off pro mma in Japan?

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    Pride went under. Now there is DREAM.

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