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    How is your Monday going? Do you need a ROCKSTAR PUNCH!?!?

    Is your work day done yet? Mine isn't. So let's spend this unproductive time at work posting a new news article!

    GoldenJonas has been kind enough to donate his liver to our noble cause of choking down those energy drinks and give you lovely consumers some idea of where to spend your money. Do you need a few of these in the morning? At work? At open mat? Flower arranging? Get Punched by Rockstar and tell us how it went. We at Bullshido fully endorse mat spazs and strength over technique.

    Here's a small quote from the review:

    Drink it at night so that you can go straight to beddy bye when the zap wears off; otherwise you may feel yourself jerking back and forth in sleep induced epilepsy at your desk.

    Beddy bye? Does a drown man actually say that? I hope he has kids, otherwise no man should be allowed to say that. If you liked that line then check our the rest of the review. Thou shalt read the rest of the review here.
    Click hard son.

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