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    First, I have ridiculously strong fingers and hands. Like, much stronger than most guys that are much bigger than me.

    What I've found as far as pressure points is that in a fight, during the grappling phase, they can kinda be almost sorta useful, but...not really, and certainly not on an experienced fighter. I have used them on the neck, arm, ankle,etc., only a long time ago when I didn't know what else to do and even then they only served to stall the person's technique for a moment so that I could manuever against it better. Never gonna do much more than that, certainly not gonna end someone.

    Anyhow, I've found that if you have to grab something to slow them down, there are much better places than pressure points. I was grappling with a dude who is 6'4'' or so, 250Ibs, and when he clinched me to take me down in an awkward fashion and had me in a standing headlock, I grabbed his ribs with my fingers. Just pushed into his fat and squeezed at them, which felt gross. It got him to loosen his hold for just a minute and I was able to get around to his back to take him down. Also, the bicep is a good spot to grab and squeeze. Also, under the chin- grab the jawbone like you are gonna rip it from their head and they will let go much quicker than a pressure point.

    Finger strength really is the determining factor in these things, I suppose.

    Because then again- I've also used the eye gouge with surprisingly good results, in a real fight. After rocking him with a jab, and getting taken down, I got back to my feet and he was clawing his hand at my eye. So I reached up, grabbed around his head with both hands at plunged both thumbs in. Only the right one went really in, and as I went to slam his head into the wall I felt it go 'pop' and he fell right to the ground like a sack of bricks. Where I pummeled him.
    When I pulled my thumb out of his eye, it went 'pop' again...I could feel the eye was gross.
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