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    PLEASE READ - If you plan on Fighting Pankration this Sunday

    If you plan on Fighting in any of the the Men's Divsions at the Pankration State Championships this Sunday - PLEASE check to see if your bracket is full. We have a participation cap of 16 fighters per weight bracket. As of today most Men's divsions are now full.

    We have a stand by list in some weights in case someone drops out. We will also go to the stand by list at 9:00 AM Sunday after weigh ins to fill spots of guys who did not make weight.

    We want to avoid having athletes traveling to Santa Ana only to find out they cannot get in the Tournament. Please pass this information on......

    Teens, Kids and Women should be OK. We not close to filling those disvions. They can most likely regsiter at weigh ins along with men's Heavy and Superheavyweights. All others are just about full.

    Check this link with a list of competitors to see if your divsion is still open. Anyweight with 16 entrys is full and closed.

    If you are interested in fighting you can get all the information at this link:

    Location: Santa Ana College - 1530 W 17th Street, Santa Ana CA 92706
    Spectators: $8 adults & $5 kids

    The tournament will start at 9:30 am with a rules demo:
    10 am - Women, Kids under 8 yrs, and Kids 8-10 yrs.
    11 am -Kids 11- 13yrs
    Noon - Teens 14 - 17yrs
    2:30 PM - Mens divsions
    6:30 PM Estimated start of Men's medal matches.

    Please Keep this thread going...........

    Thank You

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    I'm bringing an 8 year old and 1 of my intermediate guys. I hope he does well.


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