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    Twins Leather Shin/Instep Guards

    Twins are a very firm, very snug fitting pair of shingaurds. I have used two or three other brands and these have been my favorite so far. A bit pricy, but supposed to last pretty long. I have been using them for about a month and they still look brand new.

    Before I bought these I had been using some old loner gear and really dinging up my shins, to the point where I started pulling my roundhouse kicks while I was sparring, but as soon as I started using these I noticed a huge difference. The thick (1-1.5 inches) foam padding cuts down on the sharp cutting feeling of banging shin to shin/elbow/knee.

    The instep comes out pretty far, and cover the whole top of the foot. I bought the large size, and it comes out just a bit behind my toes. ( I wear a mens US 14 in shoes)
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