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    Aztec Judo San Diego State University

    Aztec Judo is a Jujitsu/Judo club offered to the community and SDSU (San Diego State University) students. Training is based on competition and practicality. Taught by shodan coach Tim Mount, who trains under 6th dan Coach Lafon of Judo America. Training options include once or twice a week, with an unofficial third practice at Judo America.

    Belt rankings are done on an unofficial basis until you are ready for a higher belt; this is allegedly done at Judo America.

    The orientation of the club is to train students and prepare them for local tournaments. Experienced students also compete nationally. Some of the students have MMA background. Much of the students are ex-collegiate/high school wrestlers.

    The atmosphere is relaxed, but as most students come from an athletic background training sessions can get quite serious. Most of the training is done as drills. Techniques are broken down and immediately practiced at progressively faster speeds. Full speed randori and shime is done every session. Sessions last 1.5 hours. All sessions are done with a gi, although once in a while I would show up without one.

    Gym equipment is minimal, but practical. Three large wrestling mats are unrolled to provide enough space for 18-20 students to practice in pairs. A crash mat is there for new students to practice basic throws and falling.

    I think the pace is pretty fast, but slow enough for everyone to keep up. Keep in mind that most students do really have somewhat of an athletic background. No one is hugely out of shape. I personally think we could up the intensity, but I believe that would definately discourage many of the students. All in all, the pace is challenging and most people will get plenty of cardio workout.

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    I wish to come train and check out your gym if possible.

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    Coach Tim also teaches a self defense class as part of the PE curriculum for the school. It had a strong judo focus and he was keenly aware that there's a lot of nonsense out there, so it was a good class.


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