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    "I stand by the fact that I'll probably never need to fight".
    How the goddamn hell could you possibly know if you're ever going to have to fight or not?
    You know that you've lived in areas before where people have been assaulted and murdered. You're just certain that for some reason it's never going to happen to you. That is classic victim mentality. People who think this way walk through their daily lives utterly oblivious to their surroundings. When you take victim statements from them they say the same things: "he came out of nowhere" "I never thought this would happen to me"

    Wake up. If you are going to be involved with MA you may as well develop some real world skills. If you are lucky you will never need them but if you are not, hopefully, you can fight and prevail.

    Welcome to Bullshido.
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    OP - Welcome to Bullshido.
    Did you get to help out in the the 'Strike Back' program where 14 females beat a padded male, or in the corporate team building programs? I find the lineage war there to be a bit ill defined? Couldn't the son fight the mistress for control>? The $1300 summer camp is a bit steep, what is in the 7 courses?

    I agree with you on the prepared to fight. You never know when you need it, and rarely is anyone prepared to get jumped by some one, or to be a victim of crime. Just sue your instructor after the fact, or report back from the dead.

    Never have I had a track suit and running shoes on for a confrentation. Its always when I have dress shoes on, or I am on my way to a meeting and have to decline or duck. Life is like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabrielsama
    ...Not likely that anyone apart from me cares about this thread...
    You forgot to say thank you to Sophist, for example.

    If we wouldn't care, nobody'd reply this thread.

    We actually care for you, and anybody else coming here for advice.

    But why did you ask in the first place? Seems like you could've asked the mirror with all the change folks' replies brought in your way of thinking...

    Nobody can or should force you to train for self defence. But there's definitely one thing you could do, and I repeat what others have said better before me (including useful links, for example):

    check out and try training in some other local gyms/schools. Usually first class/es are free and you get a picture of what's training and general attitude like and most importantly, you get a basis to compare your Tulen training with.

    Good luck with whatever you chose.

    I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

    "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid **** back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
    " - by Vorpal

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    This entire thread seems unnecessary. You say you're not interested in self defense because the chances of being attacked are very low. If that's the case then it really doesn't matter what martial art you take, as long as you're getting a fun work out. If you wanted to take something that would be effective, then you would have to rethink your choice of martial arts.

    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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    You are the guy that street thugs dream about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabrielsama
    Let me rephrase.

    About not fighting-I'm being realistic. I live on friggen CAPE COD, the chances of me actually ever having to fight in any situation is about 1 in a million.

    You all go on about self-defense, but unless you guys all live in the ghet-to and walk around on the street in a pink tutu with hundred dollar bills hanging off you, you're never going to use 95% of the self-defense you learn. People don't just get randomly attacked. I've lived 22 years and have never been attacked. So, yes, martial arts teaches self-defense. However, I understand that chance is good I will never use it for that purpose. And no matter how macho you are, you're probably never going to either (unless you go around trying to start fights to prove your a high and mighty martial artist).

    As far as the taunting goes, that was a little tongue in cheek. I'm a very unimposing type person, and I like to tease people that I may look weak, but I'm totally a ninja. I am no such thing. It's about poking fun of myself in front of my friends rather than robbing little kids' lunch monies.

    I'm in it for more than the workout. I like learning things, and it doesn't take a friggen genius to raise and lower a heavy bar. I gain flexibilty, strength, and wind in one fun set of exercises. There is a sense of camaraderie to it as well. Plus, it's fun. I'm doing martial arts and learning them...I'm just not kicking the crap out of people-apparantly the definition of a "twue" martial art by some people's definition.

    I live in Dennis, and I've seen several martial arts schools in the area.

    I use the training I get 3-5 days a week between the BJJ classes and the Muay Thai classes which all have sparring(rolling) in them. If you don't have that you are not learning a martial art.

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    OP: I understand there are all sorts of things to gain from doing Martial Arts, but 1 common thing should be that you're learning how to stop attackers. In whatever form they may come in.

    Keep living in your fantasy world of made up statistics (1 in a million chance of being in a fight?) I honestly hope that you never do end up in a fight, but the fact that you're oblivious to it ... well ...

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