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I had to learn was the thai round house. I had the hardest time doing it because I was so used to snap-kicking. I couldn't make my knee point donwwards, loosen the hips and follow thru all the way. It took me some time.
I realize it's important for non-grapplers to get some grappling experience (hence my insufficient dabbling in Judo.) However, my experience coming from a TKD/Karate background is that though I could do some very nice looking kicks, and had some rear-leg kicks with ok power, for the most part I could not kick at all by Kickboxing standards. So for people coming from a TKD/Point Fighting back ground I strongly recommend MT (or other serious kickboxing) to make sure you know what you think you know before moving on to something else. (If you do MT for a few weeks and aren't learning anything new, then perhaps you don't need it... otherwise you may find you have much indeed to learn about basic kicking and punching.)