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    Underhook Camo Grappling Shorts

    Being completely honest, the best pair of MMA/Grappling shorts I've ever owned are the SHORTS shorts we did as a custom run through Intynse Fightwear about 6 months ago. They're just awesome.

    But since I only ended up with 1 pair, I don't really want to wear them very much so that when I'm an old man I can hang them up in my trophy case and beat any great-grandkids with my cane for pawing at the glass in awe of them.

    Or something like that. ****, they'll probably end up nailed to the wall of an Applebee's if they're still around by then.

    Anyway, this isn't about how awesome those shorts are, it's about Underhook's Camo Grappling shorts.

    Steve Crawford, my instructor and quasi-boss (he's the MMA Inspector for the Kansas Athletic Commission, I'm a judge) has a rack full of these things at his school and a lot of the fighters wear them when training. That's a pretty good sign, I guess. Maybe he got a deal from the manufacturer; who knows.

    Anyway, I ended up with a pair because I left all my gear in the other car and showed up to class gear-less. So I swiped a pair of these off the rack, along with a t-shirt, a $0.99 mouthpiece, and an uneasy sense of foreboding where my cup should have been.

    The first thing I noticed about the shorts is that they're pretty thick. The canvas-ish material they're made out of is very sturdy and provides a sense of comfort that if due to some extraordinary set of circumstances you ever got your shinguard caught in the towing pintle of a 4x4 and dragged down the street on your ass through traffic, they'd hold up for a good 3 or 4 blocks before wearing through to bare skin.

    Or something like that. The point is, they're pretty sturdy.

    The really gee-golly swell bit about these shorts though is the fact that the bits of canvas are connected with stretchy, rash-guard-like (but thicker) material that provides for complete freedom of movement. I just wish I was flexible enough to take full advantage of that; the shorts outperform me.

    The back of the waisband is elastic like a pair of old man pants you'd buy at Sears. But that nonsense stops about halfway around as you get to the front and are confronted by a fastening system obviously designed by the creator of the Gordian Knot. Seriously, I have no idea how to tie these things properly. I looked for about 20 seconds on the Underhook.com website, but then I forgot and moved on to something else when Tom Kagan IM’d me.

    (If you have a pair of these and know the official way you’re supposed to tie them, please draw me a picture with oversized crayons… I don’t think I’ll get it otherwise.)

    As far as shorts go, they’re great. And considering some other vendors are selling MMA board shorts for upwards of $60, these can’t be beat at $38. Of course, they’re camo, and orange. I wore camo for 7 years in the Army so it’s not my first choice of color schemes for, well, anything. I suppose if you ever need to go to a MMA/Deer Hunting event though, they’d be completely freaking awesome.
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    Thank you for the good review, I have been looking for a pair of good MMA shorts
    I really want to buy these now.


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