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    Hooters Brand Energy Drink (Lite) Yes, Hooters F*#ing Brand Energy Drink

    I've been to Hooters exactly three times. Or is it four? Hell, I don't know and I guess it doesn't really matter; their hotwings suck.

    And that's why I was so surprised that their entry into the oversaturated energy drink market didn't. I wasn't even really paying attention when I pulled into the gas station to buy some gum and beef jerky and what not. Staring at the cooler the back of my mind registered two things: 1. heh, a Hooter's energy drink, how mildly amusing. And 2. damn the girl on the can looks like she'd been passed around the pit crew at a NASCAR after party.

    Fortunately, despite having some mulleted, circle-driver's number branded onto the can, the drink doesn't taste anything like that scenario.

    I'm reminded somewhat of how that Xenergy "clear" flavor tastes, but I can't compare the two because I haven't had one of those in a while. The only definitive similarity I can point to was that they both tasted pretty damn good. That is, to say, neither of them packed the standard diet energy drink aftertaste that's as annoying and made of fail as a Coda Scott backfist.

    So if you like your caffeine with a dose of shame and exploitation, pick up one of these drinks at a local convenience store near you. I hear that proceeds from each sale go towards buying the Hooters waitresses a new excuse/justification/mental panty shield for working there as the warranty on "I'm just doing this to work my way through school" one has long since expired.

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    I tried this drink once... it tasted like thrift store shampoo with a hint of old watermelon-flavored lip gloss, followed by a unique yeast infection-y aftertaste.

    In other words, just like a Hooters girl.

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    Are they going to re-brand it for Britain and call it 'Tits' or 'Jugs'....?
    'Melons' energy drink sounds great...


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