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    I have been to many martial arts schools over the years and just recently joined team Royler Gracie David Adiv Team Evolution and so far it is the best school I've ever trained at. It's cheap with no contracts, late classes which are great for those who want to see their families and is a laid back atmosphere. Darren Branch is the purple belt instructor and is the most technical instructor I have ever worked with regularly. A real friendly and patient person too. The gym is a basic aikido building and while a bit run down it is clean and serves the purpose. The classes are never jammed full and most of the people are high level maturity regulars so you can feel confident that some no-name punk isn't going to show up, spaz out, hurt someone and then leave.

    If you like standup training Darren takes classes at a MT school on saturday mornings and he introduced me to them. They are only $10- a class and the training is intense without being wild. The same kind of level headed mature people train there too so once again the risk of serious injury is low.

    I really like this school, Darren is a wealth of knowledge and the instruction is so good we even have a blind person taking classes and he is turning into a real force on the mat. It's a school where you can go and get good training without being intimidated or left with an empty pocket at dues time.

    The school has weekday Gi classes on Mon, Weds, Thurs from about 9pm till Midnight. Saturday and Sunday at 2:30pm with Sunday being no-gi Vale Tudo
    The class starts out with light warmups and then a question period where you can ask about any technique and it will be shown and drilled briefly. The days techniues are then shown and drilled. After that there are some drills and coditioning but you are expected to get conditoned on your own time. The day ends with free rolling.

    Darren was a wrestler in HS school so there is alot of takedown work and wall drills.
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