OK, this is a book I just picked up but even on first impressions I thought this forum would be interested.
I'm not going to write an extensive review as I've only just got it myself and started into it. But first impressions as follows:
"Training for Warriors" - Martin Rooney (2008) - Rooney is the current Performance coach for the NY Pitbulls in the IFL and the Director of Training at the Parisi Speed School (a very highly regarded performance training schools for national level highschool and college athletes)

By Section -
Part 1 - MMA
Brief introduction to MMA, how it has evolved, how the needs and training methods of athletes have moved with that. Glossary, high level of some basic moves and positions (RNC, clinch, triangle, mount) which are used throughout the book to illustrate how certain exercises can be contribute to better performance and execution of these moves.

Part 2 - Warrior Anatomy (the beginner of the excessive use of the term "warrior" - which bugs me but I can understand the idea of mindset reinforcement through suggestion)

Mindset - inspirational quotes - top 10 required mindset characteristics

Warm-up - stationary warmup drills - jumping jacks, prisoner squats, lunges etc - no weight
movement drills - shuffles, skips, walking lunges
muscle activation - bridges (double and single leg), leg raises, sweeps, superman, fire hydrant (various), scorpion

upper body - tiger crawl, spide crawl, crab walk, hip escape
Upper body - med ball warmup - bunch of rebound/pass drills (many based off rebounding from wall)

Neck training - short chapter all about neck - flexion/extension, isometrics, physio ball work, band training, shrug, neck bridge, some partner moves, bridge bench press (back bridge on floor while pressing bar)

Chest and shoulders - BW exercises (- wheelbarrow, handstand shoulder press, divebombers), physio and med ball push-ups, dips - weighted, declines, dumbell drop and catch drills, floor press, chain cleans and flies, plate moves (raises, press, around-the-head)

Arm and hand - plat pinches, farmers walk, tire flips, rope pulls, sandbag lifts, band curls and pull downs, gi rows, towel rows/chins, gi chins

Back training - again - BW work with partner (swing, flip, pick-up), chins, alt grip pullups, quite a few pullup variations, back raises, glute-ham raises, reverse hypers,

Ab exercises - number of partner exercises (pike, leg throws, hip exchange), med ball work, side plank, prone plank, partner sit-up drills (various), Oly bar twist, one hand snatch, bar punch, cable and physio ball exercises, dumbell side bends, barbell roll outs

Heart and lung - "hurricane training" - intro to hurrican training - in essence interval training of different durations and intensities (categories 1 - 5). Cat 1 circuit e.g. treadmill 9 - 10 mph, 10% grade for sets of 10 secs with adequate recovery to reach 120 bpm. Cat 5 e.g. treadmill 9, 9.5 and 10% grade for 30 secs for 3 sets with over-arm rope pull for 40 yds and farmers walk for 40 yds after each sprint. tread mill at 10.5, 11, 11.5 and 10% grade for 25 secs - 3 sets. tire flips (10) after each sprint. Treadmill at 12, 13, 14 and 10% grade for 20secs - 3 sets. Sandbag pick-ups (10) after each sprint.

explains various conditioning exercises - sledgehammer work, speed ladder hops (various), box jumps. various sled exercises, barbell circuit/complex (deadlift, shrug, clean, press, row, bent row, snatch, good morning etc), running - comments on track, stair, road

Section specifically on Hip exercises - band guard pull, cable knee lift, lunges, plate slides, physio ball hip twists

Glutes and quads - BW work, partner work, trap bar deadlifts, back squat, front squat, dead lifts, lunge walk, power high pull, zercher squat

Hamstrings - physio ball pop-ups and curls, machine curls

Foot and ankles - calf raises - toe in/toe out, donkey calf raise, toe curl/squeeze, foot curl exercises. Band work for foot and ankle flexion

Warrior flexibility training - lot of good stretches for hip mobility, knee flex, groin stretch, quads, calf stretch, glute. shoulder, neck, arms, chest

Part 3 - warrior programs
chapter on weight cutting - discusses fluid restriction, sweating, "bowel emptying", diuretics. Re-balancing after making weight.
Nutrition - discussion of high-level points - protein, carbs, fats, shop for good stuff. basic supplement advice. good part - some reasonable sample menus at 2000, 3000, 4000 calories, split into breakfast, lunch, preworkout, dinner, snack
Injuries - brief chapter - more about attitude, staying positive, rehabbing appropriately
8 Week Workout Plan - mon thru fri workout plan for 8 weeks

So, in summary, not the depth in any one area that you might look for if you're really focusing but a very good general compilation with a lot of content all collected in one place. Cross section of BW, device, and weighted exercises. Diet section is light but adequate. Stretching and flexibity piece very good.
For the grand price of about 30 bucks. If you're a member of Barnes and Noble, you can pick it up for about $22 and free shipping.