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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteShark
    You are still taking this too seriously. If you as an AMATEUR fighter can tell me with 100% certainty how long each round of your next fight is you need to fight more. I've had to fight 2, 3, 4 and 5 minute rounds before just so I can get an opponent. And you're wrong as long as you don't recommend only training for 2 rounds I'd find nothing wrong with training 2 minute rounds. I've done as short as 1 minute before to practice going all out. I regularly do 2 minute rolls in BJJ. We call them blast rounds you roll hard for 2 minutes then switch partners with minimal rest and do it some more.

    Adjusting the length of your rounds for different training goals has a place in EVERY fighter's program. During your run up to your fight you may want to work exclusively in the time you will be fighting but that is for round awareness.
    Eh - Meh....Fine I give in. lol.

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    hi guys , thanks for all the advice and sharing...

    about the duration of rounds so far i ve been doing 3 min rounds,

    i understand the pt about getting used to the exact duration of which ur fight rounds are. in fact in my previous bout i found myself on a few occasions wondering if it were the last 30 secs of the round already and if i should start going all out now. . .

    in the end , i couldnt tell and ended the fight with perhaps still a teeny wee bit left in the tank.

    i thought about this afterwards and figured the only real way to overcome this is to get to the pt where you're so fit that u never gas out even if you go 100% the whole fight. don't know if this actually makes sense but i guess i told myself that to motivate me.

    i've been running more recently, and everyday i run i feel more n more tired. i hope this means i m getting fitter? as in even though i am getting more tired, the one day or so rest just before the fight should recover me to be in better shape?

    sorry if i sound a little jibberish , had a very long day n kinda brain dead now haha.... going to turn in for the night. nite!

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