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    Article on Fat Loss and Meal Timing

    The article in question: http://nymag.com/news/sports/38001/

    In response to this article, Teh El Macho posted this:

    So, if without changing my current diet, if I run 8 miles instead of the 1-2 miles a day I do (thus increasing my physical activity), I will increase in size?

    ps. There is value in that article, but it has some fundamental (pretty fucked up) flaws. We can discuss this in a different thread, though.
    I'd like to hear some of your critiques of the article. In addition, I'd like to see what other people think of the article. It's an excellent one, and anyone who is working on fitness or diet should check this out.

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    If one eats more calories than he burns ("runs a calorie surplus"), he'll get bigger, and vice versa. Two variables: (a) calories in, (b) calories out. One has control over both variables: eat less to lower a; exercise more to raise b. This is not rocket science.

    The cited article is devoted to what happens if one raises b, consequently gets hungry, and thus raises a. The answer? Don't do that. In other words, exercise more AND pay attention to what you eat. Common sense, FTW!
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