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    Depends. If you take a 3-5 minute break between a hard lift, it'd amount to about 90 minutes. When a person does sets of upper body push and pull and lower body on the same workout, the heavier the sets get, the breaks between sets eventually become longer.

    If he were to do some sort of split, then he would not need such long breaks between sets, and perhaps that will be the case for him as he's starting to weight lift. But past a certain point, he willl almost inevitably drift to longer breaks.
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    Since you have BJJ on Saturday and Sunday, I'd save the lifting for Monday. BJJ is really intense and you want to be fresh while training it. Having the lifting Monday allows you to take into account any injuries you might sustain while training (and not make you more prone to them the next day) and you'll have lots of time to recover from doing max lifts throughout the week.

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