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    And I was trying to be nice, the sword work looks like someone has been watching TSKSR on youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodizapha
    I just took the time to bother watching the "Jujutsu" clip.

    As someone who studies a *legitimate* koryu sword art let me say this; that was the biggest load of fucking shite I've seen in a while. I hope that isn't representative of what they actually teach.
    Just out of curiosity, what is so bullshit about the sword techniques. I know nothing of fighting with weapons, so I'm really just wondering, having watched the same clip as you.

    Edit: The ground work seemed a little "pain compliancy" but other than that it didn't seem SUPER useless. Just less practical than good ol' Braziwyian ShooShidzzoo.:fist:
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