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    FMA in Dallas, TX ?

    I plan on moving to the Dalls, TX area soon and was looking for a good kali or kajukenbo school. Any Suggestions ? ? ?

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    Kali will be mostly training groups and very little in the way of actual schools for FMA. I believe variance has info for a Modern Arnis school, and there are a number of small Pekiti groups(these have the advantage of being cheap as they are not actual schooley-schools, but have the disadvantage of not being things with roofs). The Pekiti-Tirsia global website is a good place to start.

    If you feel up for the occasional austin trip, the Texas Kali Association also holds saturday seminars every 6 weeks or so, which could be a good supplement.

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    Hey? What's up.

    Self critical is right. DFW isn't as lucky as Austin, Houston and SA since they have all the Texas Kali love.

    however we still have several options for legitimate FMA in dallas. where in dallas are you planning on residing?

    These are the only actual "schools" of FMA i was able to locate in my searches

    Southeast Dallas (Garland/Mesquite/Rowlett)

    School: Garland Martial Arts Center
    System: Arnis De Leon (Modern Arnis)
    Teacher: Guro Anding Deleon
    Experience: 20+ years of direct instruction under Remy Presas, founder of modern arnis.
    School: He sometimes still runs classes out of his garage after closing down his studio
    he also has seminars and private lessons.

    My take: This is a more traditional structured school with a specific laid out curriculum for advancement and belt grading. Good for learning traditional FMA and getting certification and advancement in a legitimate respected system.

    North Dallas (Irving/Addison/Plano/Richardson)
    School: Southeast Asian Academy of Martial Arts
    Website: http://www.espiricueta.com/ (not updated)
    System: Doce Pares, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu
    Teacher: Valentine Espiricueta:
    Experience: Years of training under the Canete's of Doce Pares and personal training under Percival Pablao (the guy from the human weapon episode). Has also trained with Inosanto and a few other notable names(Ajarn Chai I think). also 1993 World WEKAF Champion. Unrelated but he was a former physical trainer for the dallas cowboys back in the early mid 90s.
    There are only about 2 or 3 mainly FMA/kali students. the others tend to stick to the thai boxing or MMA. Two fighters from this gym compete in Mark Cuban's HDnet Fight Nights.

    My take: This place is more like a "fight gym" then a martial arts "school". Not very structured so to say. He'll teach you what you want to do. If your goal is MMA or competitive stick fighting then they'll focus on that. Formal belts, grading and all that isn't particularly of concern here.

    North North Dallas (Carrolton)

    Crow's Martial Arts
    1225 W College Avenue #502,
    Carrollton, TX 75006
    System: Inosanto-blend JKD School. Kali, Silat, Thai Boxing
    Teacher: Sifu/Guro/Kru Raymond Crow (check his website for his experience/qualifications)

    My take: I have no experience with this school. It was too far from me to visit.

    For Pekiti Tirsia Kali in the DFW as selfcrit indicated, you'll be limited to training groups in the park or private lessons with Tim Waid
    Check the intructor listings at http://pt-go.com/training_instructors.asp
    Last edited by variance; 3/03/2008 8:15am at . Reason: I put tim hartman instead of tim wade. what's with all the tim's in FMA

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    I was planning on moving to the Irving area but I've had a setback and had to delay my plans but I thank you for the help when I do get out there I'll check on the schools you recommended.

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    Neat thread, guys, thanks for all the info. My wife and I are kicking around the idea of moving out towards Dallas in a few years, and while I know this thread'll be out of date by then, it's nice to have some framework laid out (and to remind me finding a new school is one more thing I'll have to look into!).


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