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    elbow/knee pads...from military surplus?

    So I was just randomly browsing through this military surplus website, and I found that they had elbow and knee pads that seemed like they could be used for striking in muay thai; my instructor had been talking about getting some elbow pads so that we could work on elbows during sparring without cutting each other up, and when I came across these and saw that it was made of shock absorbing foam and neoprene, I thought "hey, this would be perfect". Then when I saw on the description of the knee pads that it had "excellent grip on wet surfaces" and that they were "were created for use in SWAT, corrections, and tactical applications" I hesitated.

    These are the elbow pads I'm talking about

    Knee pads
    Other knee pads; they seem thicker, but are cheaper...

    I thought I should post this on here and see what your thoughts are. I'll also ask my instructors about them and maybe even call the store.

    Also, if these are deemed applicable to be used for training, which of the knee pads should I get?

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    For elbows the soft fabric volleyball kind are great to prevent bad cutting. A nose guard headgear will work for just starting to learn elbows too.


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