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Thread: Shin Splints

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    Fingerormoon - does suck. I did exactly what you said, I changed where I get my cardio from. I use elliptical trainers (Precor is the best!) and exersize bikes for my cardio, and am just careful about what I do when I train ma. I have to admit that my favorite aspect changed from grappling/groundwork to standup a few years it has been particularly hard.

    Colin - Thanks for the link. The stuff written there is exactly what the physical therapists said and tried! I did toe taps similar to the link you sent, strapped bungee cords to my feet and a pole and did them that way, did an exersize like squats, but instead of bending at the knees, I lifed my body weight up by lifting my toes, I put my feet under a treadmill and leaned my weight back so that I was held up with only my shin muscles for sets of 1 minute, I did heel walking, and stretching of the calves, heel cord and shin muscle. I am glad to hear that you were able to get rid of yours. I think if I had treated mine this way when the injury was fresh, I may have been able to heal already. ;)

    Thanks for all the replies, guys.

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    Physical rehab under a licensed proffesional until the splints go away.

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