I've decided to create a single, all mighty, big-chunky-momma thread from where all types of thread relevants to ringworm, staph and other nasty **** can blossom like petunias in Spring.

That is, meathedz, look and read. I'm sure I've missed a thread or two on the subject, but for the most part, you'll find a lot about how dudes have dealt with this crap. The idea is not to scare you. Repulse you? Maybe, but not to scare you, but to inform you what these illnesses look like, what are the initial symptoms, what do to, and most importantly, what not to do to prevent, ameliorate, heal and recover from that type of crap.

Get some soda and popcorn, and put your feet on the table, even if you girlfriend complains (or your momma if you still live with her) and enjoy the reading.


My own tale of staph infection, with contributions from other posters who have been plagued by this ****.

What the _uck is growing in my _ucking leg????

Money's tale of staph... on his neck.... eeeeeeewwww :icon_conf

I can has MRSA

A discussion on how to avoid staph


How Do Ringworm by GoldenJonas.

The title says it all:

Ringworm, started out by Kracker

Samfoo got ringworm on his forehead.... hahahahahaha... hmmm, sorry.

Gar! Ringworm!

Not for the faint of heart:

Kevin Randleman's Staph Infection - Horrific!!!