Sorry, many of you disagree. I was just bored and I thought this up. If you are all against the idea. No problem.

Kind to ATA? Yeah, I do feel I am being to kind to the ATA. Mostly due to the fact that I have trained there, and sadly recieved a black belt from it. Which just means I can kick high. Fortunately, I would train with friends who are knowledgable in striking. So, I am not retarded in the striking concepts as most ATA students. I did have many chances to spar the head instructor in my last days, and whooped his ass because he still does the whole stay side ways and side kick thing.

Back to the point however, I gave ATA the belt that it did because I was trying to remain as objective as possible with coming up with examples for the belt rankings. Which is how I came up with the whole belt scenario in the first place. Thinking within a subjective mind frame, I would have just said, "All **** is the same ****." Thus ignoring the fact that there is a difference between a mcdojo and a bullshido. As well as ignoring the fact that there is a complete difference between Ninja Bob, a full blown failure, and Frank Dux, a failure with a history of success. (Success as in Media Coverage and a small group of people who believes in him; where as Ninja Bob has himself and 2 other hicks.)