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    Since this forum has people on both sides or no sides of what haidong gumdo is can someone give me a newspaper article or court record on the Haidong gumdo history trial. i am intrigued to find exactly (and in detail) what the korean courts ruled to be the verdict. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by telku View Post
    i am intrigued to find exactly (and in detail) what the korean courts ruled to be the verdict. :)
    The ruling is that HDGD was mostly developed by Kim Jeong Ho between 1977 and 1982, and that Na Han Il couldn't lay claim to the art, though he was the second person involved in its development. So HDGD is the legal property of the HDGD federation, and HK (haedong kumdo) was founded by Na Han-Il.

    One should note that the ruling is that the terms and structure of gumdo were developed by Kim and Na. The cuts, footwork, and stances etc etc are based on documented but not continuously practised methods that were used by Koreans up to the 1700s or so, when they sort of went missing until after the second world war.

    We call the most basic stance 'Ki Ma Sae', or 'On horse atance'. It's still a standard horse stance as most Asian arts have. We call the basic cut cheong myun pegi, or centre cut. Normally Koreans call this an il-dong jak, or one-part cut. The terms differ, but the basic cut has been around for years. Most of kumdo is like this: the legal names and terms date to 198s, but most of the techniques are taken straight from docvument and common methods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjarick View Post
    I also train in Haidong Gumdo at the Estrada Haidong Gumdo Academy. You can look my school up on the web I'm too lazy to link to it . I just recently Promoted to red with white stripe and am currently working on the first half of Shimsaang for my next promotion. My Sabunim is Ralph Estrada who is well known in the Haidong Gumdo Federation under Jeong Ho Park. I never realized how much negative attention our sport is getting untill I registered on this website especially from one of the posters on this thread (DerAuslander108) He calls what we do larping. I'd be interested to know why he bothers to post in this thread if he doesn't like this style.
    They've REALLY lowered the standards...
    In my day it was half Shimsaang at solid red, and full the rest of the time. Black belt tests required yedo il bon.
    When my school old school switched to the the other HK fed, the one related to the USK federation, I was over qualified by 4 forms.
    But the forms don't really matter as much as your actual cutting technique, anyway.

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