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    I believe that the original Mitose school is in Hawaii. Is that right?

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    Naw, Mitose stopped teaching in 1953 and his blacks went various places. Keawe became a naturalpist (sp?) Dr. on the mainland, Paul Yamaguchi, who'd trained under Okazaki before Mitose, kept training Japanese karate under various people and then taught with Bobby Lowe, who'd gone to Kyokushin etc etc. Everyone crossed trained and kept cross training (except Bobby who's become rigid in his old age).

    The Hawaii Karate Seinenkai and Tracy's site ( have a lot of info. The important thing is that ALL the early guys cross trained; it's not like Mitose had some secret knowledge that got passed down - it changed and grew (or got fucked up by people like EP) so his influences are all over. And Adriano Emperado said that Mitose had the best Jujitsu he'd ever seen. And Mitose emphasized fighting more than kata. And emphasized escaping with out violence as the best way to "fight."

    Oh, and googling I found out that Young took over Mitose's school in Hawaii and then turned it over to Simeon Eli who's student is Lee
    who is still active and running it, somewhere out there, so maybe he has more cred than Bruce and the rest?

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