Hey guys! greeting from Canada... I'll be moving to San Diego in February (or end of January).

I'll be looking for a BJJ school (i know there are tons of 'em in SD). I'm affiliated with Rodrigo Medeiros's team, so probably I'll attend his school. Thing is, I probably won't be able to work for at least 2 months (license bureaucracy, VISA issues, bad economy, blah blah) and I was wondering how much BJJ is in San Diego, where I guess there would be competiton for students (somewhat).

I was also looking for a judo school, but on google only could find 2 judo places, one way to far from La Jolla (where I'll be staying) and the other at University of JJ. Anybody know any judo places? (cuz judo tends to be cheaper than BJJ...)

or yudo places for that matter?

If you guys organize a TD, I'll join in as well, unless there's schedule problem and what not.