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    I've seen a lot of kids compete in pankration matches. Some are very technical and it is conducted in a very friendly atmosphere. It seemed like the kids really enjoyed it. That's a little different than MMA for a few reasons:
    1. There isn't as much of the TapOut/Affliction/Nap, Tap or Snap/Kobra Kai macho bullshit that's been more and more popular in MMA.
    2. Because of the lack of head contact, it seems like more of a legitemate sport than MMA and the possible concerns with developmental problems are taken away. Also, a lot of kids freak out when they are hit in the face. Having said that, I've seen some very nice, well adjusted kids who learned to box young, but they wear the bigger gloves.
    3. The refs err on the side of safety. They call the match when a lock reaches nearly full extension rather than tap, etc. It shouldn't be a bloodsport at such a young age, and an audience who wants to see that is deranged.

    Can things like this lead to messed up kids? Yeah, so can any contact sports mixed with messed up parents. With the correct environment and parenting, I think fight sports can be very good for children. They just need to learn that it's a sport, not an actual fight, and its not acceptable to use the skills you develop to bully others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cullion
    Why do you think they'll end up juvenille deliquents because they've been allowed to take part in a sport where kickboxing is interrupted by rolling on the floor that ends with tap?
    My concern is with how violence is being presented to these children. It's not necessarily kickboxing or grappling that is bad, it's how the aggression and violence is taught. Children are highly susceptible to the influence of others. I have worked in a juvenile detention facility, and a common characteristic is that they have learned violence and aggression as an acceptible way (or, more accurately, the primary way) to deal with others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kismasher
    that video is edited. the fight was stopped for an extended period in the first round after the ref thought that one of the kids had hurt his foot or ankle or something (can't remember exactly). the parent's asked to continue as far as i know. i wasn't going to comment any more on this but i haven't had a chance to drop by the gym and let them know this was posted.
    That's unacceptable. It should be the referee and the medical doctor who must determine if the fight goes on once it's been stopped due to medical concerns, not the fighter, not the coaches, and certainly not the expectators (and the parents are expectators, nothing more than that.)

    I could see a parent stepping up and asking the fight to be stopped. I cannot understand a parent asking the fight to be resumed after the ref called it to stop for suspecting an injury.
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    videos been removed.......i couldnt believe what i was seeing the first timei watched it...

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