Well, i joined this club through the university (i believe they also have none university lessons as well)

Its so far been very enjoyable. They manage to pack a lot into the 1h sessions, there are two sesions, the tuesday one which is mostly pad work etc, and the thursday which is a lot of conditioning.

I've been going for over half a year so far. The instruction is very good. there aren't too many students (most want to learn kung fu instead) so the instructor student ratio is very good, (3 instructors to about... 16 students average?)

The lessons aren't constant repetitions of the same thing, they seem to mix in a good amount of cardio physical and technique together. As well as being taught kickboxing, we're also taught a few blocks and throws from a couple kung fu styles (including a number of holds which can be gained FROM the blocks)

We're also explained not only how to use the techniques but how they would be applied in an actual self defense situation, as well as being shown a few self defense tactics on there own.

Away from the training aspect, the atmosphere is very good, the instructors aren't afraid to answer questions. Also they organise days out every now and then.

The only real BAD points i can find myself are that, the lessons are too short (imo) and that the website is fairly out-dated (by about a year i'd hazard a guess) but i'm tempted to remake the website for them at some point.

And now on to what i believe are the main GOOD points.

1: Not forced to buy a kickboxing uniform etc, (not even suggested to actually)
2: Lessons are overall extremely good value for money (no contract, cheap, good instruction)
3: The general social atmosphere is also very good among the group.
4: You aren't pushed beyond your limit. In other martial arts i've seen (not joined because of this) if somebody reaches their limit they are made an example of. It was the opposite here, i reached my limit during some anerobic exercise and the asked if i wanted to take a rest for a while (which actually drove me to work harder)

There are a few things that stop this being an amazing place, but the pro's by far outweight the cons.