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    South Coast Martial Arts

    I've been going here for the past month. It's a fight gym tucked away on a corner behind a shoe shop. They host tournaments every once in a while, and all that jazz.

    It's a gym that's owned by a family, and they separate the gym into 3 different parts, kickboxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, and some asian martial arts (kenpo, wushu, and some other stuff I'm not sure about). The BJJ is called "Global Jiu Jitsu" and "Joe Moriera Jiu Jitsu", with classes taught by some black belts and Joe (7th degree black belt in BJJ, can't go wrong there.) The BJJ classes are normally just a few guys (I've been there with 3 other guys, and up to 13 other guys). Like an hour and a half of instructions, and half an hour of rolling.

    The kickboxing is more like cardio-kickboxing unless you've been going for a while, then they start training you to actually fight (tournaments and crap).

    edit: let me clarify, it's not KICKBOXING but MUAY THAI without the dancing.
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