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    1st Kickboxing fight on sunday 6th April

    hi all,

    just wanted to let you all know im taking my first full contact kick boxing fight on sunday evening. the fights are taking place in Mc Hughes Bar in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. the Bulldog Kickboxing club is hosting the event.

    im fighting a kickboxer, whos flying in from Lisbon in portugal, with 14 fights under his belt. he has a record of 9 wins and 5 defeats. i've managed to cut down from 82 kilos to 75kgs. this has been murder for me. i enjoy my food, and guinness at the weekend... as im around 5'8" i recon i should be around 70-72kgs, and therefore expect my portugese opponent to be taller than me. i generally like fighting in the inside anyway, but as this is kickboxing i wont be able to use my favoured knees. any tips for dealing with a taller fighter?

    ive missed out a few opportunities over the past few years with Muay Thai fight nights being cancelled on one occasion and a fighter pulling out of my next MT fight opportunity. (tho i did get a exhibition a few years ago). recently this year i was due to fight in the Battle on the Border MMA event held in Newry N.I. last month, but yet again i was let down with my opponent pulling out. when i heard about this fight night being organised i jumped at the chance. kickboxing is not really my thing (check out my first post in the newbie welcome bit) but a fight is a fight.

    Anyway, i will be getting a few of my friends to film the event for your viewing enjoyment!
    Wish me luck

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    Good Luck. Look forward to seeing the video.

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    cheers mate,
    i presume these foot kickin kickboxers wont be used to gettin a bit of shin action!

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    Respect to you for taking it (and cutting the weight!) Good luck.

    You could always use your shins to (cue rather weak and slightly racist NI joke) bluw off 'is blooody knees!

    But anyway (sorry about that, couldn't resist) good luck and have a good night.


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