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    Ronin Athletics - SBGi NYC

    i've trained at a lot of different places with many different instructors and i can honestly say that Ronin Athletics and Christian Montes (owner/head instructor) are right up there with the best of them.

    Christian's teaching ability is definitely in a league of its own and he's quite possibly one of the nicest guys i've ever met. his dedication, detail, and very real commitment to his students' improvement are incredible. his personalized use of the SBGi's "I-Method" and his constant push for an Alive training environment create a way to learn that's totally efficient and absolutely fun. this is largely why i've been training with Ronin Athletics for around five years.

    the whole vibe of the gym is great. the students and instructors are all genuinely good people and although it's cliche to say, there are no egos on these mats. none. this is definitely a by-product of Christian's personality.

    while the gym does focus on MMA training, people interested in specializing in the arts that comprise MMA will definitely find a home here too. the classes are broken up by various delivery system (standup, clinch, ground / boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, bjj) and rapid advancement in each are further combined into the MMA classes/sparring/etc.

    if you're in the NYC area, definitely check it out. you'll have a great time.
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    I don't have prior martial arts gym experience but I'll add my impressions anyway.

    I have been attending Ronin for a few short weeks, sporadically but at an increasing number of visits as I get used to the classes. I agree that the atmosphere and instruction is great. I'm a complete beginner and many of the concepts are very new to me. I feel slow sometimes picking up on things, but everyone I have partnered with has been very helpful and encouraging, reminding me to take it one step at a time but adding enough resistance to actually allow for improvement.

    That being the whole point. If this place was a BS waste of time, I would've stopped coming here after the trial class. It's been so far tough, engaging and fun. I think the instructors, Christian and the kickboxing instructor whose name escapes me at the moment, add to the feel of a great place where you're getting a serious workout while learning practical stuff that makes sense instead of flashy, useless fluff.

    I encourage anyone in the NYC area considering an mma gym to drop by and check it out. No regrets here.

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    I got started with MA in college and I've bounced around probably half a dozen styles, schools, and instructors in the 12 years since. (Kyokushin, JKD, TKD, and even Capoeira) Given that I have to say Christian is one of the better teachers I've come across. Truly egoless, he rolls with any student who asks, and friendly, he remembers everyone's name after only one class. Originally, I was looking for a inexpensive place in NYC to stay on top of my MT training. Particularly somewhere where they weren't afraid to spar. Well I got that and more. Came for the MT and stayed for the BJJ and MMA. Aliveness is at the core of every class. You'll get great instruction and plenty of opportunity to practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weakling View Post
    quick update:

    Ronin Athletics now has a half CAGE and a ton of other new training equipment.

    definitely come check it out if you're in the area.
    dude i honestly think that you've put down too many 10's. no offense but read the faq


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