For the past few weeks I have been seriously considering getting into martial arts. I am currently on an extended vacation in my hometown of Cleveland, OH, but will be returning to the Los Angeles area in late March. So to pass the time until my return, I have just been doing research on varies styles and schools that would be availble to me in LA. Below I have posted a few links to some schools that I thought looked the best. I was wondering if anyone in the forums had an opinion about them and maybe a recomendation on which one I should lean towards. Keep in mind that all three of these Dojo's happen to be a little further away then I would like, especially the one in Manhatten Beach. I am willing to drive the distance, if I have to, but would perfer to find a good school that is closer. I am in North Hollywood, so if anyone knows of any good Dojo's in the valley, please feel free to post them.
Thanks for any help!