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I have been going to a dojo for over 14 years and have been noticing a lot of changes after receiving my black betl I noticed the school breaking more and more away from their traditional bushido roots towards MMA. it is now my 14th year there and they have gone in the direction of MMA. I was wondering if anyone else has been through a similar sitiuation. Because in my opinion if a Dojo was set up a certain way and was producing loyal studetns it shouldn't change.
by: Coyote.

Chapter 1-What's Happening to my Dojo?
Everything seems to be going fine for you. You've just received your black belt, you have made friends with all the senior students, and you are capable of breaking a brick with your face.
Then, one day, when you come to class, you will notice that things have changed.
Your instructor's voice may seem deeper.
All your friends have started talking about Gene Lebell.
Suddenly, younger students start asking you what forms are really for.
You may notice that you are starting to think funny thoughts about grappling, and getting strange tingly sensations when you hear the word "Gracie".

Fear not, young student!

Although your dojo may be going through some changes, and although you may not like all of them at first, its all a natural part of the dojo life-cycle, and is all perfectly acceptable.
This is a strange and exciting time for most, but it can also be kind of scary.
That's why your ol' pal Coyote has developed this guide to help you through these difficult times.

The symptoms that your dojo is going through this stage include those mentioned above, and the following.

-People start hitting you a little too hard.
-Other students try to grab you someplace other than the wrist.
-You start to find yourself on the ground- A LOT!
-People look at you funny when you mention the word "lineage".

Join me in Chapter 2- I Want My Kata Back!