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    ATTN: All Pro/Amateur MMA Fighters

    Actually this is a question about the cages or rings of smaller promoted shows.

    How does the floor or mats in the cage/ring differ from what you're used to training with?

    Were you able to adapt to it well in your fight?

    Any techniques nearly impossible to pull of because of it?

    Any shows using the same flooring system as the UFC, which seems to be some kind of springfloor.

    Also, if you could name the organizaion or show and location that would be nice.

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    Actually we train in the cage and our grappling floor is the same as the cage.

    If you're talking about competition rings and cages in different organization and even change from set up to set up. The last ring my fighters fought in was nice and fast. Others I've fought in are sometimes really soft and sink in. My guys have fought in the WEC and their original pentagon cage would differ a bit from show to show. What I had to get used to is the change in canvas. Some were like cloth and some were like sandpaper.

    The cage for UFC is not spring loaded, it's actually a foam matted area about 1.25 inches thick although I don't know what the framing is really like although throwdown makes a similar cage and it was wood underneath.


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