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    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101
    There's a portion of the world's many happy idiots that need to be told how to live their lives.
    They may be reasonably intelligent people with a disconnect to their self-worth.
    They could be 'tards instead; their barely functional minds can follow basic orders and they can toe the line, following their grandmaster's every word and fulfilling his every whim.
    They may come from a background on institutionalised ****-eating, like another cult, church or pyramid selling scheme.
    All these people are likely to fall for the martial arts cult. They are unlikely to post here about it as they are probably preparing for their masters ascension and are busy gathering virgins, pipe tobacco and freeze-dried goat cocks.
    what and who then defines a "martial arts cult" and what qualifications do you have to define a particular martial art, style, or segment of a martial art or style as a cult?

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    The Wingy Chun club I used to be was a little bit cult like at times, mostly around a suspension of logic on certain topics i.e fighting..

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    Dangit, and here I thought this was going to be like the "You know you're a redneck when.." threads.

    "You know you're in a McDojo/Cult when your bunkai has a bunkai!"

    "You know you're in a cult when your bow to your sensei's father!"

    "You know you're in a mcdojo/cult when 9 year old kids are giving you kata advice!"

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    When one place told me that a certain deceased Sensei J. Jones was the founder, and that I had to drink a cup of poison, and then fight the current sensei to the death, I kinda figured there were cult like tendencies, and would be better off looking elsewhere.:laughing4

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