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I think a viable solution would be rolling deep. Seriously, walking around by yourself at night is not advisable, although I guess sometimes it can't be helped. And if someone is scared to pop off a couple rounds, they should roll with someone who does.

Bring a gat and buss it if they get that close
You scared to clap? Better strap your folks
Seattle's Capital Hill, the neighborhood in question, is a relatively small area with a dense population where parking is prohibitive and walking is the culture. Most denizens of the area don't own a vehicle and they usually aren't going far enough to require public transit.

It is actually quite a nice place to live, I lived there myself for over 10yrs and walked all over hell and gone in varying states of sobriety. There is a seamy side to the population that is brought out by the active street life but it is generally quite a safe place to walk because there are always people about.

And finally my point: not walking is not an option for most on Capital Hill.