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    double under butterfly sweep in the ufc... who was it?

    I searched the forums for "butterfly sweep" and "ufc sweep" and couldn't find an answer.

    There was a UFC fight during 2007 where the guy had double underhooks from butterfly guard and stretched the guys legs out... The guy on top sprawled back and stood up... The guy on bottom stood up with him, hooked his leg, and took him straight to his back... It was absolutely disgusting.

    Does anybody have a link to the video, or know the name of the bout?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Are you sure it was 2007?

    Nathan Marquardt vs Joe Doerksen 3/4/2006 (or Ivan Salaverry 8/6/2005 )
    I recall the sequence of actions.

    Nate gets butterfly guard, double underhooks. Kicks out, they both stand, still clinched. Nate does a left outside leg trip and lands on top.
    I recall that because for a while I had just seen people lie on top of each other in the UFC for a while, and that was some of the best BJJ I had seen for a while in the UFC. RIP PRIDE.
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