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    Extending your arms enough to put them in danger is bad form.

    Letting an opponent who's trying to pull guard outbase you is bad form.

    I don't do those things.

    Rolling with the takedown and over-rotating me under you, or going for one yourself is much more likely to result in anything good for you. Going for the takedown is the safer, better option, hands down. I'm not saying I never pull guard, when I'm grappling with people who have far, far superior base and consider myself to have a less than 10% chance at a takedown, I will, but the rest of the time, it's a dumb idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedgehogey
    Man you people and your takedowns that just automatically give you side control and grow your dicks by three inches and don't at all extend your arms on the way down or give your opponents an opportunity to get underneath your center of balance or anything.
    Takedown right to guardpass. **** sitting in some dude's guard.

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