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    I haven't seen a thread on this anywhere on this forum - besides an obscure mentioning as a pyramid scheme or something.

    As bullshido is only place I could even consider posting such a question and expect an intelligent and truthful answer - here goes:

    Someone I know (I won't give out any names other than my own, out of respect towards their privacy), who I respect very much swears by his herbalife dietary supplements, and claims they have been giving him a serious boost over the past year or so. In addition, he also says he has been making a lot of money off of this, and has already recruited close friends who are also making nice cash.

    Now, before anything is judged here in any direction let me be a little more particular, and give some background.
    First, regarding the person, his authenticity, credibility and or reliability aren't in question. simply because I happen to know the man from various settings and his students and friends.
    More to the point, what is the story with this stuff? I have seen for example this guy, with my own eyes, lose fat mass and in general, he actually does seem to be in much better shape.
    However, he has also been training a lot more, and it could all just be a consequence of placebo effect mixed with eating healthier and a generally tighter regimen.

    What I would like to know, is about the cult status of herbalife - is it a moneygrubbing dirty money laundering scheme? preying on the feeble minded, and promising riches whilst only deepening the pockets of the people at the head of the pyramid?
    From what I gather, it's mostly products available over the counter at cheaper prices from other brands. then again, i know some people who say like: "i use only this herbalife hand cream, and it's the best and you can't get it anywhere". is there any truth to this?

    I know I like tupperware and it's only available via direct marketing - then again i've never read about people going broke/losing their homes over tupperware.
    Anyways, I have a serious concern about this whole thing, because as a former BSMA practitioner, i must be skeptic of all magical potions that make you strong and give you potent chi.

    So basically it's like this: What's the real deal?
    Is herbalife a scam? Is it a semi-scam, that is a genuine quality product, just with shady marketing methods? Or does it just have a bad rep?
    One thing is for sure - this guy truly believes in it, and isn't looking just for a profit angle - is he just another sucker? Because his body and MA skills are the real deal for sure IMO.

    Thanks in advance - help me bullshido - the internet has too many contradicting testimonials, and this real life evidence is all the more confusing.

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    The actual quality of the products is always the real hard nut to crack. I know that herbalife is a pyramid-style scheme a la Amway.

    Basically, they sell stuff direct and try to get people to buy int the program of recruiting new distributors. The actual product is irrelevant. They could be selling anything.

    I don;t imagine that their products are any more effective than anything else out there.
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    I used to use their stuff years ago. My parents forced me to take it, so I didn't have much of a choice. They swore up and down that it works, but I hated it. It tasted awful, and I hate being forced to do things.

    Just like that MonaVie stuff. My mom swears that it will fix my health problems, but I refuse to drink it. Mainly because it tastes awful and there is no real cure for my health problem. She tried to bribe me to take it, but I still refused to take it. I don't believe that it will help me at all.


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