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    Quote Originally Posted by UpaLumpa
    Of course they don't. At this point they've little to gain by doing so.
    I would goes as far to say nothing to gain, and quite a bit to lose.

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    The gain would be that it would result in a huge ppv buy which they presumably would get the majority of while not having to pay Fedor's salary.

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    And jump starting their competition thus making bidding wars between them for top stars a possibility and costing them a lot of money in the future.

    Also Fedor is not a huge draw to the horde of TUF fans who make up the largest portion of UFC's fan base

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    Quote Originally Posted by freds
    That tomato can is a good K-1 fighter. And do you really believe that in the ground game size doesn't meter?
    God, this is fucking retarded. Choi is a tomatoe can in MMA. That does not discredit nor disrespect his K-1 record, nor the fact that he's an athletic freak of nature. You are confusing one (MMA tomatoe can) with the other (K-1 record, size).

    So, once again, Choi is a tomatoe can in MMA. Look at that sentence and the words being highlighted. You should not be reading more from it than what it is said in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by freds
    You saw Feder's face when that gorilla was on him? For me it looked like he can not breeze...
    And yet Fedor won at 1:54 of the first round? What's your point?

    Quote Originally Posted by freds
    And there is no other way to get that gorilla on ground but just to pull him onto yourself...
    And? What's the problem with that, specially if it gets you a chance to make that gorilla tap his ass off? Does that makes him a *****, despite the fact that such a thing is a risky move no matter how what?

    Quote Originally Posted by freds
    ok ok you convinced me - Fedor is a *****. congrulations, it takes a hard head to convince me.
    Wow, just wow. You have a raise because people rightly say Choi is a tomatoe can in MMA, but you have no qualms to call Fedor a ***** because he hasn't fought good competition recently.

    How the hell does that logic of yours work? Whatever it is that you are smoking, please let me know. I want some of that good psycodelic ****, too!
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