Yeah, so I decide to upload the techniques displayed in each episode of Human Weapon for the masses on YouTube.

I myself practice Kung Fu, and a few years ago, I had some experience with Wing Chun. But anyways, when I watched the Kung Fu Episode of Human Weapon, I could not help but be extremely... disappointed with its content.

Still, I decided I'd play along and upload the moves anyways. One of the moves was the Wing Chun 'Chain-Punching.' I made sure to include a subtle comment in the video description about how I felt about the move.

Of course, then we have this guy...

"In fact, in my experience, I punched the forehead of my opponents, causing single hit KO's. Throat damages not needed. Chest damage hurts, but might not stop attacker unless use of fatal forces. Also, attacking throat could make permanent injury, lawsuit, & or jailtime." - xiaou2

I think I'm going to upload the Ninjitsu episode too. Wanna see what people have to say about that, too.