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So being in college and racking up as many experience points as I have in the last few years, I have a few confessions to make.

First know this. I have adventures. A lot of them in fact. I have adventures because they allow me to gather up experience and gain new perspectives on life and how to go about it. I never really made the connection with how RPG's work until recently with this whole thing. I travel, I learn and I ask questions constantly to know what is going on and to see how I can live a longer life and learn much faster than normal.

I am also spoiled. I live a great life and can afford, with the money I make, to go around, train with some of the best you can train with. I can afford to do stupid **** like skip class and travel a few hundred miles and waste a weekend learning something I'll probably never use. I was blessed to know the people I know and to meet the people I've met. I have been given a lot of wisdom and knowledge and I am glad for that.

But I am still stupid as ****. Blame it on youthful stupidity or maybe being an upper-middle class American. Whatever it is, I still have a lot of leveling up to do. After reading up on a lot of Buddhism, Catholicism and other various religions. I have found that they have a few things in common. One of the more prominent ones being confession. So here are my confessions as an American Student trying to find his path in Martial Arts.

Confession #1

I think fighting is stupid. I think that it is retarded and gets everyone nowhere. I think it is perfectly necessary, but should be done in a controlled environment wherein the participants can fight and there is a clear and definitive winner using whatever means available to him on his person after being checked for weapons of any kind.

There is enough fighting in the world and fisticuffs are retarded. Most people don't even know why they're hitting the other person and even more people don't know how to do it correctly. People who don't know what they're doing, shouldn't be doing it.

Also, these days, when you fight someone, it doesn't end there. The wannabe hard-asses out there who lose will find you and try to hurt your family and your loved ones because they're faggots and have small tiny penises. It is stupid and nobody benefits from it. You cannot fight someone and then get over it like men anymore. Winning is EVERYTHING now. People will literally KILL someone if their pride is on the line. It is more stupid than anything I have ever heard of. Sometimes it makes me want to swallow barbed wire and pull it out of my ass and floss myself to death because of how retarded it is.

Do I try to avoid fights? No. Not really, in fact, I'm pretty candid and upfront to most people about what I say to them. Has it caused problems in the past? Yes. Have I learned from it? Not really, I haven't gained enough experience points from it to learn from it yet. Here's hoping though.

The end.
People have always killed when pride was on the line. Depends on the person. Killing someone over nothing is stupid, but fights happen everyday, millions of them, little ones, big ones, people of all ages, animals, countries, relgions, business, agression is everywhere, acting like agression itself is ignorant unless its in a ring with two competitors is just denial.