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    Wisconsin Judo Club - YMCA

    This is a great dojo/club that is a hidden gem under the larger umbrella of the local YMCA.
    The Sensei is and Olympic level coach, and there are several other higher dan's that regularly assist with instruction. All of them have respectable amounts of competative experience, and a knack for teaching. Its a combination Judo and Jiujitsu class, with a 50/50 ratio of groundwork to standing. The clientel covers several age groups and ranks, and there is minimal "filler" activities such as calesthenics and cardio, which the participants are encouraged to engage in outside of class. The majority of time is hands on, high quality Judo instruction and practice, with plenty of randori. The atmosphere is friendly, there seems to be little or no ego problems, and plenty of opportunity exists for those who wish to network with other people for training outside of class times. I highly recommend this inexpensive club for anyone seeking Judo in SouthEastern Wisconsin.
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