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    OK guys, Be a Fight Quest host.

    Now Casting "Fight Quest" Looking For Male MMA's 25-40
    Company: NorthSouth Productions
    State: Any State
    Posted On: Oct 22, 07 Expires On: Feb 02, 08 Description:
    Casting Fighters / Host
    Do you love the art of fighting?
    Are you ready to push yourself to the limit?
    Do you want to travel the world learning the history and culture of various fight styles?
    NorthSouth Productions is looking for a male martial arts fighter, age 25-40, with an outgoing, charismatic, engaging, smart, and inquisitive personality to co-host a new martial arts television series. Skill level can range from beginner to expert. Should have a genuine love of the sport and interest in learning about other traditional fighting styles.
    This show will have you push your physical and emotional limits so you must be up to the challenge. If you would like to see a clip/description of the show go to www.northsouth.tv and click on Fight Quest.
    Must be willing to travel. Must be willing to take a kick to the face and then some. This is a real fighting show- possibility of injury.
    We are searching for a backup host, someone to substitute for our current hosts if they get hurt. You will need to be prepared to travel with just 2 weeks notice and be gone for 10 days at a time through March 2008.

    the website is:

    This is taken from the casting page. I don't know how many of you guys are really ready to put it out there, but it's an opportunity to do something you may otherwise never get to do. A friend gave me this info. O nay be too old. It hurts nothing to put in. You think Human Weapon and Fight Quest are BS, represent the true American Martial Artist, get in there and show some good old American Balls.

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    Give them Angry Spastic's contact details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virus
    Give them Angry Spastic's contact details.

    That would so suck for everyone.

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    I would SO do this if I wasn't in the Army. I'd have to eat up my leave every time I had to work for them, and though we get plenty of leave time (over time), it'd keep me at a 0 balance or close to it most of the time...

    Still, I may have to talk to my wife and see what she thinks. Seriously, I'd do it. If she gives me the thunbs up, I'll apply. Being kicked in the head don't bother me none...


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